Wassily Kandinsky

Why should I have my Kandinsky drawing or painting authenticated?

If you think that you own a real work of art by Wassily Kandinsky, you will need proof in the form of documented research by well-respected experts. Serious art buyers won’t consider making a purchase without an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

What are the chances that I’ve discovered a lost work of art?

Wassily Kandinsky survived the Russian Revolution, WWI and WWII. He was forced to move several times and traveled extensively throughout Europe. The Nazis labeled his work “degenerate art” and seized many of his paintings. In short, there are several aspects of his life that would give us cause to believe that certain drawings or paintings have been lost over time. We always consider the possibility of a new discovery when we review our clients’ cases

How will Kandinsky Experts determine the authenticity of my artwork?

The foundation of our research is Morellian Analysis – a stylistic comparison of the piece in question and the artist’s documented body of work. We can perform this technique better than any other organization because our researchers are well-versed in the individual qualities of Kandinsky’s art.

We also rely on the written historical record, and can utilize scientific and forensic methods, such as special photography (x-ray and IR), paint analysis, fingerprint observation and handwriting sample tests.

Do you issue Certificates of Authenticity?

When we have no reason to doubt the authenticity of a particular work of art, we issue a full report of findings and an official Certificate of Authenticity.

What happens if my painting or drawing isn’t by Kandinsky?

We provide each client with a lengthy document describing the analysis and tests that were performed and an in-depth explanation of our opinion.

Isn’t the opinion of an artist foundation or museum more valuable?

These institutions can be useful resources during the process of research, but they cannot and will not set aside time to review your piece. When necessary, we will leverage our existing relationships to contact artist foundations and museums on your behalf.